About us

For over 60 years Bangladeshi chefs and restaurateurs have been serving the country’s favourite dish, the curry,  and there are now more than 10,500  restaurants in the UK selling over three million meals a week. These businesses employ in excess of 80,000 people between them.

Set up in 1994 to represent this important sector of the economy, the Guild of Bangladeshi Restaurateurs  has achieved considerable success over the past two decades,  building up a membership of more than 2500 people and becoming a powerful force in both  the UK and in Bangladesh.  As the national trade association for owners of  UK-based  Bangladeshi restaurants and caterers, the primary role of the Guild  is to lobby government, both nationally and at a local level,  representing the views of the industry to decision makers and legislators. Its   main aims and objectives also  include  the promotion and improvement of the standard  of spice restaurants in  Great Britain and increasing  awareness amongst the general public  of the positive contribution that the spice restaurant business makes to the British economy and culture.

The Guild of Bangladeshi Restaurateurs  is a national organisation with branches all over  the United Kingdom,  including Scotland and Wales as well as England. Branch activities include formal meetings, seminars and study days,  catering supplier demonstration,  exhibitions,  and social events where members get the opportunity to keep up-to-date with current issues including regular updates on forthcoming legislation, as well as to meet their peers.