For over 40 years Bangladeshi chefs and restaurateurs have been serving delicious food prepared to the highest standards. Today there are over 8,500 Indian restaurants in the UK serving over two million meals a week. That makes Indian food the most popular ethnic cuisine in the UK – long since overtaking Chinese food in popularity.

People eating out today are far more appreciative of Indian food prepared and cooked in the authentic way, true to its heritage. So much so that they actively seek more knowledge about the various cuisines.

The aim of the Campaign is to help the consumer distinguish between the different types of cuisine from the sub-continent of India. Curry fans all over the country are crying out for more information about Indian food and this campaign is the first to inform the hungry customer about Bangladeshi cuisine.

Some 85% of all Indian chefs and restaurateurs in the UK are Bangladeshi
people offering the best food available.

That is why we believe the Dine Bangladeshi Campaign is important

We already have much support – witness the words of support over the next page. But in order to make our Campaign as successful as it deserves, we need
YOUR support now.

HOW? – It’s simple. First fill in the online form indicating your support and mail it back to us Pressing the SUBMIT button. Already the regional Campaign co-ordinators have pledged to change their restaurant signs to incorporate the Dine Bangladeshi

We need as many supporters to do the same as soon as possible. Would you be able to change your restaurant sign? As the Campaign gains momentum, so will the publicity and as public awareness grows more business will come your way.

PUBLICITY – To get things started the regional co-ordinators will hold photo calls as they change their restaurant signs. They will invite local celebrities and VIPs to attend and celebrate with a feast of true Bangladeshi cuisine. If you would like to share the limelight hold your own celebration event. Your nearest co-ordinator will be pleased to offer help.