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Under fire: UK ethnic restaurants are ‘losing diners’ to supermarkets

Restaurant operators have backed the findings of a new study which has claimed the UK’s ethnic restaurants need to ‘wake up’ to the fact they are losing diners to supermarkets.

Eric Pickles pays tribute to curry entrepreneurs

Eric Pickles has praised the nation’s top curry restaurants and promised to support the spice industry in going from strength to strength.

Shocked curry restaurants demand naming and shaming of outlets selling fake lamb dishes

RESTAURATEURS hold crisis talks after a report reveals more than one in three curries tasted in Scotland were fake and cheap beef was being substituted for lamb.

Security bonds attacked as ‘unworkable, impractical and discriminatory’

Visitors from ‘high risk’ nations to be asked for deposits of £1,000 or more

Curry crisis heats up in Britain

Immigration curb thins chefs’ ranks

Health benefits of the good ol’ British Curry says Epsom restaurateur

Curry doesn’t just taste great, it really is good for your health according to a restaurateur who has been championing a spice now being clinically tested as an anti-cancer drug. Enam Ali, 51, owner of Indian fine-dining restaurant Le Raj,aaa

Where have all the curry kings gone?

WE may love to eat them, but it seems the supply of curry chefs simply cannot keep up with the our demand.

Indian restaurants facing ‘staffing crisis’

Indian restaurants are facing a “staffing crisis” caused by a shortage of trained chefs and waiters. Restaurant leaders say the problem is being caused by a lack of training courses and a reluctance among young people to join the

Chefs crisis hits Curry Mile

MANCHESTER’S famous Curry Mile is facing a staffing crisis because of a shortage of trained chefs.

Bill’s ban on migrant workers’ families threatens future of Asian restaurants

Hundreds of local curry houses and Chinese takeaways could be forced to close if the government presses ahead with its new immigration policy. The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Bill, currently going through the House of Lords, would bar low-skilled workersaaa